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Hot Sale Steam Hot Water Retort Sterilizer Autoclave Price For Canning Food

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Hot Sale Steam Hot Water Retort Sterilizer Autoclave Price For Canning Food

Retort is the equipment that is used for sterilizing low-acid canned food, the temperature is over 100℃ and shelf life is over 6 months. the retort temperature and time is setted according to your product.

1.Our retort material:use SS304 or 316, retort flanges and heads we used is the superior quality in China.

2.Control system:SIEMENS control system ensures that customers can timely find the supply chain in the world to reduce downtime.

3.Retort safety protection: if retort door is not closed, will not start process; the door can not be opened if there is pressure inner retort; equipped with safety valve to avoid the ultrahigh retort pressure.

4. Our equipment runs stably to avoid big noise

Main Advantage

water spray retort is to spray water into the product, usually, water spray retort is equipped with heat exchanger to seperate the water inner retort from steam and cooling water, to guaranttee the product not be polluted
Compared with traditional retort, water spray retort use the less water and steam, it can save energy.

Product Features

1. Higher degree of automation. The sterilization pot adopts 15 pneumatic valves, and the processes of adding water, replenishing water, heating, keeping warm, cooling, pressure control, and draining are all automatically controlled. It has a fault diagnosis function and can set process formulas, three-stage heating, gentle cooling, etc.

 2. Purified water sterilization adopts condensed water collection and sterilization technology, there will be no scaling in the pot, and the surface of the packaging is clean, so the cost of purchasing softened water treatment equipment can be saved.

 3. Indirect heating and cooling, no secondary pollution, circulating water is indirectly heated or cooled through the heat exchanger, no secondary pollution, especially suitable for seawater cooling.

4. Suitable for a variety of different packaging materials. Since cold water is not directly poured into the pot during the cooling process, a gentle cooling rate can be adopted for the packaging of fragile glass bottles to avoid bottle breakage caused by excessive temperature difference. This feature is also suitable for shellfish, such as clams. If the temperature difference is too large, or the temperature difference is too large, the shell will break

5. Perfect pressure control, a sterilization pressure balance system suitable for gas-containing packaging is essential to the sterilization of gas-containing packaging, especially in the cooling stage, which requires pressure control. The control system can continuously monitor the temperature and pressure in the processing tank, and correct the pressure in the tank to make it correspond to the pressure in the package. Packages filled with air or gas at any percentage, or packages sealed under vacuum can be sterilized without causing damage or deformation to the package or its contents 

6. Equipped with four safety protection devices. Safety valve, proximity switch, cylinder, manual interlock.

7. Perfect reporting system. This equipment has a fault report, a sterilization complete report, a safety report*, etc.

8. Wireless F value test function. The heat distribution and sterilization intensity can be measured. 9. The main control components of the sterilization pot are all imported, the failure rate is extremely low, and the reliability is high. You should also pay attention when choosing high-temperature cooking bags.

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Our Welding

we adopted advanced welding technology, guarantee our machine's sealing


Main Features

Name: Touch Sreen
Original: Germany
We used imported Siemens touch screen and modules, not domestic Siemens touch screen and modules


Machine Parts

Name: Anti-vibration device
Brand: Shenlong
Original: China
Our machine is equipped with Anti-vibration device to protect the pump.


Our Service


Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support.
* Sample testing support.
* View our Factory.


After-Sales Service

  • * Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine.
  • * Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Packing & Delivery






Packaging Details

Our delivery package is suitable for overseas shipping, our machine is fixed in the containers and the parts is packed in the wooden case.
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